Why We Are?

WifiPlus is a solution created by New Zealand company Cable Systems, an electrical and data cabling company that’s be getting things done since 1988.

Our customers kept coming to us for a solution to poor wifi signal coverage throughout their homes.

Ben Thompson, the brains and
charisma of the company
(here after known as ‘B&C Ben’)
came up with a number of woefully
inadequate solutions and went about delightfully
disappointing customers from Cape Reinga to the Bluff.

Catching wind of ‘B&C Bens’ attempt to bring the companyto ruin by way of over enthusiastic ineffectual innovation, Ryan Grant, the logic and real world smarts of the company (here after known as ‘logic and real world smarts Ryan’) took it upon himself to come up with a logical real world solution.

“Ben” said Ryan, dropping his official
title due to the more
colloquial surroundings,
“you may well be able to fix a broken leg with a
band aid however you will need an awful lot of
them and the result will still be somewhat disappointing.”

He then went on to explain that installing a wifi extender or more powerful router will never be as effective as creating a solid and reliable wifi network by way of a series of wireless access points that are directly cabled back to the router.

“Ryan” said Ben, affably returning the same
conversational informality.
“Do you mean just like all those wifi
networks we installed
throughout hotels and offices around the country
over the last 15 years or so?”

“That I do” said Ryan with an agreeable nod.

Feeling the need to recapture authority and
leadership, B&C Ben proclaimed,
“right then,! forth with we shall
do as thus, we shall purchase a bumper
bargain pack of generic wireless
access points from the local
technology monger and go about
solving the home wifi coverage
issue about this fair land like a boss!”


‘B&C Bens, enthusiasm was soon stifled as
‘Logic and real world smarts Ryan’,
logically proclaimed that our wireless
hardware of choice should be of much finer
quality than some off the shelf bargain clone.

So with that it was decided that
‘logic and real world smarts Ryan’ did travel
with all the grand style of economy to California USA
to meet and greet with the wireless wizards of silicon valley.
After inspecting the wares of the local
technology traders a good fit was found
with the company, Trendnet. In presentation of their
wireless technology products, Trendnet
used words like, ‘price to performance
leader’ and ‘demonstrated
reliability’. Smiles were traded,
hands got shook. And so it was that Cable Systems
became the New Zealand distributor
for Trendnet Networking products.
And gave birth to Wifiplus.

Since that day we have installed many 100s of solid and
reliable wireless networks and our customers
consistently communicate their approval.

So, I guess what Im trying to say is, if you need solid
reliable wifi coverage at your home
or office, probably best to call
Ryan rather than Ben.



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