Wifiplus Pricing

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Wifiplus is a solution that we install in your home to ensure there is strong reliable wifi signal in every room, installation cost depends on the size of your home as this determines how many wifiplus units we need to install.


Indicative Pricing

Payment option available at $25 per week (terms and conditions apply)

Floor area M2 Cost incl gst
000-180 $690
181-280 $1130
281-450 $1630
451-600 $2530

Additional outdoor area up to 150m2. Cost incl GST $690

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I calculate the floor area of my home?
The pricing listed above is based on the floor area of your home in m2. If you do not know the floor area of your home is can be easily found here or type your address into our contact page and we will look it up for you.
2Are their any ongoing costs?
No, the cost is a one-off payment for supply and installation.
3What are the payment terms?
You will be issued an invoice after installation, an online payment within 30 days would be appreciated. Alternatively we can offer a payment plan at $25 per week.
4What guarantee do Wifiplus offer?
We guarantee a minimum of 75% wifi signal in every room of the house. Our products are covered by a 12 month Guarantee.

If you prefer we are happy to pop out and take a look at your place and discuss how the installation will be performed, there is no charge for this service, either give us a call on 0800wifiwifi or send us a message.



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