How to diagnose slow wifi

Dealing with slow or patchy internet connections can be incredibly frustrating. Going in search of a solution can create more confusion than answers.

Thankfully, there are only 2 things you need to check to determine the best course of action in remedying the issues you may have.

1.  is your internet connection slow?

2. is your wifi weak?

Diagnosing issue number 1 is simple. You will require a computer that is hardwired to the router or a wifi device positioned within 2m of the router. If using a wifi connection make sure you are on the 5ghz signal, this is usually identifiable by the network name (SSID) proceeded by a 5 or 5G. Google “” then click on the GO button.

This is testing the download and upload speed of your internet connection, the only number of real significance is the download speed. There are several factors that will affect what this result is, such as how old your device is, whether you are hardwired or connecting via wifi and what type of incoming internet connection you have. Regardless of these, if the resultant download speed is less than 120mbs your connection is quite
slow for today’s needs.

If your speed is less than 120mbs and you have a fibre optic connection, simply call your provider and request upgrading to fibre max, this has a maximum speed of 900mbs, costs less than $100 per month and is critical for a household of more than 2 people using all the usual devices. The provider does not need to visit your home to affect the upgrade, they simply open up the tap at the exchange.

FYI, once the upgrade has been attended don’t expect to see 900mbs on all devices when performing speed tests, this is simply the maximum that you would see from a very new device at a time when there is minimal internet usage in your home and surrounding neighbourhood, in reality you should expect to see at least 200mbs on any device at any given time, more than enough for excellent connectivity.

To diagnose issue number 2 is also quite simple. Using a cellphone, stand next to the router, ensure you are connected to the wifi and google Click on the GO button and take note of the download speed and how many wifi bars are at the top of the screen. At this point you are seeing the best possible performance available to you. Move throughout the home and attend the same test in each room, if you see significant drops in speed and signal bars, you need to improve the signal throughout the home. The only way to reliably improve the wifi signal throughout the home is by installing wireless access points.

To understand why we recommend wireless access points over wifi extenders, click here


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